quaterion.train.xbm.xbm_config module

class XbmConfig(weight: float | None = 1.0, buffer_size: int | None = 10000, start_iteration: int | None = 1000, device: XbmDevice | None = XbmDevice.AUTO)[source]

Bases: object

Determine XBM settings.

This class should be returned from configure_xbm()

buffer_size: int | None = 10000

Size of the memory buffer that holds embeddings from previous batches

device: XbmDevice | None = 'auto'

Placement of the buffer

start_iteration: int | None = 1000

Iteration step to start considering the buffer loss

weight: float | None = 1.0

Value to scale the buffer loss before adding it to the final loss

class XbmDevice(value)[source]

Bases: str, Enum

Device selection for placement of the buffer

AUTO = 'auto'

Buffer created in GPU if available. In CPU, otherwise.

CPU = 'cpu'

Buffer created in CPU

CUDA = 'cuda'

Buffer created in GPU


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