quaterion.loss.arcface_loss module

class ArcFaceLoss(embedding_size: int, num_groups: int, scale: float = 64.0, margin: float = 0.5)[source]

Bases: GroupLoss

Additive Angular Margin Loss as defined in

  • embedding_size – Output dimension of the encoder.

  • num_groups – Number of groups in the dataset.

  • scale – Scaling value to make cross entropy work.

  • margin – Margin value to push groups apart.

forward(embeddings: Tensor, groups: LongTensor) Tensor[source]

Compute loss value

  • embeddings – shape: (batch_size, vector_length) - Output embeddings from the encoder.

  • groups – shape: (batch_size,) - Group ids associated with embeddings.


Tensor – loss value.

training: bool


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