quaterion.eval.samplers.base_sampler module

class BaseSampler(sample_size=-1, device: device | str | None = None, log_progress: bool = True)[source]

Bases: object

Sample part of embeddings and targets to perform metric calculation on a part of the data

Sampler allows reducing amount of time and resources to calculate a distance matrix. Instead of calculation of squared matrix with shape (num_embeddings, num_embeddings), it selects embeddings and computes matrix of a rectangle shape.


sample_size: amount of objects to select.


Reset accumulated state if any

sample(dataset: Sized, metric: BaseMetric, model: SimilarityModel) Tuple[Tensor, Tensor][source]

Sample objects and labels to calculate metrics

  • dataset – Sized object, like list, tuple,, etc. to sample

  • metric – metric instance to compute final labels representation

  • model – model to encode objects


Tensor, Tensor – metrics labels and computed distance matrix


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