Source code for quaterion.loss.similarity_loss

from typing import Any, Dict

from torch import nn

from quaterion.distances import Distance

[docs]class SimilarityLoss(nn.Module): """Base similarity losses class. Args: distance_metric_name: Name of the distance function, e.g., :class:`~quaterion.distances.Distance`. """ def __init__(self, distance_metric_name: Distance = Distance.COSINE): super(SimilarityLoss, self).__init__() self.distance_metric = Distance.get_by_name(distance_metric_name) self.distance_metric_name = distance_metric_name
[docs] def get_config_dict(self) -> Dict[str, Any]: """Config used in saving and loading purposes. Config object has to be JSON-serializable. Returns: Dict[str, Any]: JSON-serializable dict of params """ return {"distance_metric_name": self.distance_metric_name}


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