Source code for quaterion.distances

from enum import Enum

from quaterion.distances.base_distance import BaseDistance
from quaterion.distances.cosine import Cosine
from quaterion.distances.dot_product import DotProduct
from quaterion.distances.euclidean import Euclidean
from quaterion.distances.manhattan import Manhattan

[docs]class Distance(str, Enum): """An enumerator to pass distance metric names across the package.""" EUCLIDEAN = "euclidean" COSINE = "cosine" DOT_PRODUCT = "dot_product" MANHATTAN = "manhattan"
[docs] @staticmethod def get_by_name(name: str) -> BaseDistance: """A simple utility method to get the distance class by name. You can pass a value from :class:`~Distance` enum or its string representation as an argument. """ dists = { "cosine": Cosine, "euclidean": Euclidean, "manhattan": Manhattan, "dot_product": DotProduct, } try: return dists[name] except KeyError: raise ValueError( f"Unrecognized distance name: {name}. Must be one of {list(dists.keys())}" )


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